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GlyDerm skincare products are Physiciancreated, science-based products that deliver proven results. For over 20 years, Physicians have been using GlyDerm esterified glycolic acid peels and skincare products to help their patients improve the overall health and appearance of their skin. 
GlyDerm’s peels and renewing products are uniquely formulated using a proprietary esterification process which provides a timereleased delivery of glycolic acid. This unique process allows GlyDerm to deliver gentle, fullpotency glycolic acid without the unwanted irritation and clinical unpredictability of other glycolic formulations. More than 1.5 million GlyDerm peels have been used since the product debuted, without a single reported case of permanent scarring or hyperpigmentation.

GlyDerm products are valued by leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons because they have a proven track record of being safe, effective and gentle. The products are noncomedogenic, have no added fragrances and are free of known allergens, toxins and mutagens. Cost-effective pricing on both the peels and the skincare products allow Physicians to create a robust revenue center while still appealing to price conscious patients. The line can be easily customized for every skin type and skin color. GlyDerm has both corporate and fieldbased sales representatives to provide Physician offices with marketing and sales support.​